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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not just for the elderly or rich.  When we say estate plan, we are referring to your last will and testament and ancillary documents.

Your will is the document that says, for example, "I want my husband to collect all of my assets, and I want my assets distributed to my husband and children upon my death."  Your ancillary documents state who will speak and act on your behalf in the event you  become incapacitated.  Our will package encompasses all of these documents.  

We start with the foundation and prepare estate plans for our clients to obtain their goals and objectives ranging from tax planning by minimizing estate/inheritance tax, gift tax and generation skipping tax, to asset protection by preserving and transferring wealth to their family members.

We can help our clients write their will, create ancillary documents, form a trust , and help them find the most effective way to protect their assets.  We also advise or clients on business succession planning, as well as entity formation for family owned businesses.



A common misconception is that estate planning equates to death planning. But planning for what happens after you die is only one piece of an estate plan. Just as important is making a plan for what happens if you become incapacitated during your lifetime.

You cannot put a comprehensive incapacity plan into place after you lose the mental ability to manage your finances and personal well-being. Instead, you must implement  strategies for incapacity planning and their accompanying documents while you’re still competent. 

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