Why Mediation

Why Mediation?  

  • Mediation is usually faster and less costly than a court trial         
  • Mediation is private        
  • Promotes post-divorce cooperation     
  • Mediation allows both sides to focus on their individual interests while protecting important relationships       
  • Sessions are scheduled when convenient for you     

Mediators Role Neutral Party        

  • Assists when there is a communication breakdown or no communication     
  • Assists parties with discovering and understanding the issues      
  • Assists in negotiating a fair settlement         
  • Gives parties the control in negotiating a fair settlement    

Parties Role      

  • The parties take ownership of the agreement
  • The parties will share issues and interest in a respectful manner     
  • The parties and mediator will work toward creating a final, binding legal judgment in an atmosphere of professionalism and respect


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